confidence in messages and friends


Boris Belevtsov

Founder & CEO

Why am I doing this?

Because, I think the main thing in a person's life is professional self-realization and relationships with people around you! And the success of a child in life depends entirely on the ideological age of the people around him!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need «People Chain Messenger»?

With the help of the messenger, children, in addition to learning to communicate without insults, struggle with the child's psyche in themselves, in addition, they are surrounded by truly adult people! And most importantly, the messenger creates an environment thanks to which children are able to seriously focus on their strengths, on their natural potential for further mandatory self-realization in life!

How do i get a «People Chain Messenger»?

You need to choose one of the means of communication that suits your taste, buy an account and you will automatically receive an instant messenger!

Why do children not insult each other using the messenger?

Because using the system of color blocksigns «Conflict-free thinking™», where people struggle with the child's psyche in themselves, children become truly adult people who do not need to humiliate each other!

What can I do with the messenger?

Having surrounded yourself with truly adult people, you can get acquainted with a serious person in order to create a strong family; seriously control the environment, and, accordingly, the future fate of your children; build long-term partnerships at work and in business; use the service of ads among people to whom you have confidence, etc.!

Should I use cash money to get an account?

No, you need to use a credit card to authenticate. Your credit card name will be strictly linked to the account name. A small reasonable fee filters out anonymous, online scammers and unites like-minded people!

How do people learn to communicate without insults and fight against with the child's psyche in children and adults?

It is important to note that the learning process is not in the nature of everyday forced classes! Children, communicating with each other, in the process of everyday life and casual conversation, learn to communicate without insults for many years gradually, depending on the life circumstances! The same applies to their parents!

Prevention of inter-ethnic conflicts and sports club fans conflicts. How it works.

The development of conflict-free thinking occurs within the resource with like-minded people, which leads to minimization of interethnic conflicts and conflicts among fans.

Eco-environment? What does it mean?

Eco-environment, designed to unite people with a common worldview based on conflict-free thinking!

Why do I need conflict-free thinking?

A person with conflict-free thinking is more successful in personal life, in career, in business, in everything!


Internal messenger for communication of chain of people with conflict-free thinking. This messenger is available only to users of specialized communication tools developed using the «Conflict-free Thinking™» Technology and in order to avoid conflicts it's available only after one year of using the System of colored blocksigns. 

Social network

Global social network, developed as well as other 71 ethnic resources on technology «Conflict-free thinking™», whose task is to preserve strong and long-lasting relationships, preservation of cultural traditions, national languages and identity

Dating service

Dating service, where you can meet a conflict-free person to create a strong family and long-term relationships.

Classified Ads

Free secure online marketplace where you can buy and sell, rent or lease real estate, find a job etc.. The barrier of entry to the service on the basis of a small subscription fee filters out anonymous users, which ensures the security of trade transactions.

Colored Blocksigns System

In the process of using the Colored Blocksigns System, speaking among themselves the causes of conflicts, users understand and assimilate the various concepts of insults (a little more than 20), as well as whether they are primary and unconscious, or retaliatory. As a result, discussing the exhibited blocksigns, users form a worldview based on conflict-free thinking that can prevent conflicts, which in turn will protect against serious mistakes! Many people may be skeptical about conflict-free of people. Skeptical people will argue about the impossibility of avoiding conflict. But there are small quarrels that do not leave negative in the soul of a person, and it happens that they change fate!